2018 Scholarship Awards

Justin Cruz Scholarship Committee Delivers Scholarships

What usually happens on Justin’s birthday July 6, occurred this year on July 10, allowing Ashley Cruz, in from California, to participate in this glorious event.

This year $1,000.00 was awarded to 8 students, deserving of this award.

As it was a celebration of Justin’s 30th birthday, additional recipients were chosen.

Mark Beal, Author of 101 Lessons They Never Taught You in High School About College, signed a copy for each one with a note of Congratulations!

Photo: courtesy of Kira Mabil
L to R; Warren Cruz, Brendan Embon, Nicholas Surgent, Kevin Kile, Meghan Corbran, Ashley Cruz, Maggie Wishart, Hailee Reinhardt, Cara Capra, Amy Paternoster, Michele Cruz

ashley cruz