2013 Recipients

6 Wall students receive $1,000.00 scholarships

The Justin Cruz Scholarship Foundation presented six Wall Township students a check on July 6, 2013, for $1,000 each.
The students graduated from Wall High School and all met eligibility requirements to receive this award.  The requirements included being a resident of Wall Township, a 3.0 GPA, being admitted to a 4 year college, an essay discussing the role in team sports to an athlete today, their stated intent to keep soccer in their lives while at college, and documentation of having soccer in their lives over the past 4 years.

This foundation receives most of its monies from its annual run which is held on the first Sunday of November at the Wall Soccer Complex.  We are currently working to plan an additional fundraiser as an adjunct to our fund. With the investment market as it is, we are striving to maintain security and growth to our monies received.

This years recipients are all honor students going to an array of colleges:

  • Ariana DeBlasio will be attending Marist College
  • Madison Mitchell will be attening West Chester University
  • Tom Bogert will be attending Kean College
  • Alan Burge and Daniel DeGenova will be attending The College of New Jersey
  • Connor Nichols will be attening LaSalle University. 

 These students are exemplary of standout athletes, while remaining level headed young adults who show honorable qualities on and off the field.

It was fitting the monies be awarded on July 6, since that was Justin’s birth date.   This year Justin would have been 25 years old.  It was also fitting to distribute these awards at the soccer complex, since most times you would find Justin there.

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